At The Pawlor, we care about the physical, mental and emotional health of your pet. When your pet misbehaves, we want to help, as bad behavior usually signals that something is going on in their world. We can help bridge the communication gap between human and dog or cat to solve whatever behavioral issues you may be dealing with. 

Rochelle is a graduate of Animal Behavior College and teaches group dog training classes at The Pawlor.  She has a dog named Wolfy and is passionate about helping dogs “learn a new trick” at any age!

Group Classes with Rochelle

The Pawlor is proud to offer several different types of training classes to meet your needs.

Dog Training Boot Camp (Best Seller!)

Enjoy our Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 classes combined into one SUPER class with bonus material added. Classes are The Pawlor (an added bonus for dogs who may be nervous at the groomers!) on weekday evenings. The Boot Camp includes a 90-minute Owner Orientation, a student training manual, a clicker, 7 one-hour training sessions with your dog, and your dog’s final exam, which is to be taken following your last training session and will be executed out in a public location. Final exams are by appointment. Upon passing the final exam, owners may choose to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen test at the same time (for an additional fee).

Level 1: Training Foundations & Leadership
4 sessions for $200

 (includes Owner’s Manual & Clicker)
Dogs with little or no previous training can sign up for this class at any age. Owners will learn how to establish and fine-tune their leadership skills, while teaching their dog foundation skills that they will build on throughout their journey towards becoming the perfect dog. In addition to learning basic commands, dogs and owners will also enjoy playing fun games and participating in relationship building exercises. Together with your trainer, you and your dog will work towards forming a happy, healthy, wells-structured relationship.

Curriculum Includes: Sit, Stay, Lay Down, Take It/Leave It, Drop It, Loose Leash Walking, Come When Called, Potty & Crate Training.

Level 2: Life Skills & Doggie Etiquette
4 sessions for $200

(must be taken after level 1)
This is the second class in our obedience series and should be taken after Level 1. This course builds on the foundation skills previously learned, while introducing more difficult commands. Distractions, distance and duration are increased substantially. Dogs will also be taught proper doggy manners to help you and your dog build a stronger relationship based on mutual respect for each other.

Curriculum Includes: Place, Down/Stay for Guests Entering, Safe Greetings, Handling Exercises, Heel, Stop, Settle, Stand, Wait for Meals, Come & Sit, Wait at Thresholds, Accepting Veterinary Exams, Socializing with Strangers, and Close Proximity to Other Dogs. 

Level 3: Canines in the Community
4 sessions for $200

This class builds on the skills learned in Level 1 and Level 2, with more advanced commands introduced. This class is geared towards preparing dogs for life outside the home, in public, using real-life scenarios. After this class is completed, owners and their dogs will have the opportunity to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. Dogs who pass this test will receive a title for their dog from the AKC and is the first step for dogs interested in doing therapy or service dog training. 

Curriculum Includes: 

Accepting Grooming/Baths, Accepting Injections and Giving Medications, Back Up, Move, Go to Bed, Jump Up/Down, Distance Sit/Stay and Down/Stay, Executing commands in public, Accepting Nail Trims, Accepting Car Rides, Accepting Rough Handling and Unfamiliar Objects. 


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