The students are in class for 3 months total, and need dogs as follows:

Month 1: Baths Only

Month 2: Tidy Trims & Haircuts

Month 3: Haircuts Only

Depending on where the students are at in their class, we may not be able to accommodate haircut dogs during bath month, or bath only dogs during haircut month, etc. If your dog requires a service that the students are not able to perform at that time, we recommend booking your appointment with a Certified Groomer instead, or waiting until the students are at the appropriate stage in their course to accommodate your needs. Thank you!

Discounted Student Grooming
(Salon Only)

Receive 50% Off!

The Pawlor is home to the California’s first State Approved vocational school for pet grooming: West Coast Grooming Academy! Do you want to save money on your pet’s groom while helping our students learn? If your dog is friendly and easy to handle, your dog may be eligible for our student grooming program! Receive 50% off your dog’s base grooming package when you request a student groomer (add-ons and service fees not included). Students are supervised by a WCGA approved Instructor during their class.

Student grooming is offered In-Salon only, at either our Arcadia or Playa Vista locations. Student grooming appointments are not available on our Mobile Grooming vans.

When making your in-salon appointment, please be sure to request a Student Groomer to ensure that you receive the Student pricing, otherwise your appointment will be scheduled with a Certified Groomer at the regular price.

Student grooming appointments are available as follows:

Arcadia: 10:00am or 1:00pm  Mon-Thurs

Playa Vista: 10:00am or 1:00pm  Weds-Thurs and Sat-Sun 

If you need a different time other than the appointments times listed above, Certified Groomers are always available to accommodate your scheduling needs. Please be advised that Student appointments may take 2-4 hours, so if you are in a hurry, we recommend booking your appointment that day with a Certified Groomer instead.

Dogs must arrive on time for the student’s class since the students are unable to learn if their scheduled dogs are not there. Dogs who are too aggressive, too wiggly/difficult, too overly stressed/fearful, or who are too matted or pelted to be done safely by a student may need to have parts of their groom be modified, or may need to be groomed by a Certified Groomer. Dogs who require a Certified Groomer to take over their groom are not eligible to receive student pricing that day, but once the dog’s coat is restored and/or the dog’s behavior improves, your dog may be eligible to make a future student appointment again. Please note that we are unable to accept pets who are not current on their Rabies vaccination, or who appear ill or injured at the time of their appointment.

Interested in learning to groom? Visit our school website for more information at!

*Please note that student grooming is only available for dogs at this time.