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Helping Your Pet Become the Best Version of Itself Starts With Us Finding the Best Version of Ourselves.

Chris – Co-Owner/Salon Manager

Christopher has been involved in dog grooming since he started as a bather at the age of 12. It started as a hobby that made him some extra money, but he found that he loved it so much that he decided to make it a career; one that he still enjoys today. Aside from grooming, Chris has worked with dogs in several capacities, having experience in both dog training and as a vet assistant. By the time he was 18, he became a Salon Manager for various Petco stores before moving on to Petsmart. There, he worked as an instructor training and certifying people in the art of dog grooming for nearly a decade. During his time with Petsmart, he eventually earned the recognition as one of the top 3 Academy Instructors AND Salon managers for the entire company. His photo can be seen in any Petsmart store in the country! Throughout his career, Chris has managed over 15 salons all over California for companies both large and small. He has also owned a mobile grooming business as well as his own salon in Hollywood, California. He regularly shows Standard Poodles and Springer Spaniels in grooming competitions and has won many awards, including Top 20 in the World at Super Zoo in Las Vegas, Nevada, which showcases only the best dog groomers in the world.

“I’ve also been blessed to work with some of the best groomers and pet professionals in the industry, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you!” – Christopher Jackson

Jessica – Co-Owner/Salon Manager

Jessica is WCGA’s Co-Owner and resident cat specialist, currently working professionally as a Feline and Canine behaviorist, Certified Feline Master Groomer (CFMG) and Lead Instructor at WCGA. She started training dogs professionally in 2005 at Petco before forming her own training business in 2006, Dog Sense, LLC, which is still in operation today. While Jessica was running her business, she attended school at Cal Poly Pomona’s College of Agriculture where she worked with livestock and domestic animals until she graduated in 2012 with her Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science- Pre-Veterinary. In 2015, Jessica started moving into feline behavior, and obtained her Advanced Certified Feline Training & Behavior Specialist (ACFTBS) certification through Animal Behavior Institute in 2017. In August of 2016, Jessica received her certification as a Certified Feline Master Groomer (CFMG) from the National Cat Groomers Institute of America and is one of only 280 CFMGs in the entire WORLD! She is trained to the highest of standards in feline health, behavior, breeds, colors and handling to ensure the best life possible for the cats (and owners) that she works with. In addition to her animal behavior and grooming work, Jessica is very active in animal rescue, having fostered orphaned kittens, puppies and dogs for various shelters and rescues, and volunteering with organizations such as Wings of Rescue, Fix Nation, the Marine Mammal Care Center, the National Disaster Search and Rescue Dog Foundation, the Pasadena Humane Society, Downey Animal Care & Control, West Side German Shepherd Rescue, Upland Animal Shelter, Sante D’or Foundation, and Found Animals Foundation.

Jessica has appeared on numerous tv shows such as “My Cat From Hell” with Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther, “Shelter Me” on PBS, and “The All American Dog Rescue Celebration” Thanksgiving Day Special on Fox 11. WCGA is very lucky and proud to have Jessica teaching the next generation of dog and cat groomers!

Mobile Groomers

Tyler C. – Certified Dog Groomer

Tyler is a graduate of West Coast Grooming Academy and is our large dog and terrier hand-stripping specialist. Tyler has a knack for helping even the most fearful or difficult dog feel safe and comfortable.

Rochelle – Certified Dog Groomer  (Mobile)

Rochelle is a graduate of West Coast Grooming Academy, as well as Animal Behavior College with years of experience as a Certified Dog Trainer.  She is passionate about helping dogs “learn a new trick” at any age!

Mario B. – Certified Dog Groomer  (Mobile)

Mario is a graduate of West Coast Grooming Academy, who comes to us with years of grooming experience.  He is quiet and patient, with a gift for calming nervous or fearful dogs. He also specializes in large breed dogs.

Arcadia Groomers

Alyssa (Manager)- Certified Dog
& Cat Groomer
(Arcadia Salon)

Alyssa is a graduate of West Coast Grooming Academy and quickly rose to become a store manager at a young age thanks to her attention to detail and exemplary customer service. Her furry customers love her too and have a great time in her care!

Nicole (Manager)- Certified Cat Groomer & Small Animal Specialist
(Arcadia & Playa Vista Salon)

Nicole is a Certified Cat Groomer and our resident Small Animal Specialist. If you have a bunny, guinea pig, ferret, hamster, lizard, snake, or any other small animal, Nicole is your girl! She can do baths, haircuts, de-shedding, wing trimming, talon and nail trimming, and more! Even small pets enjoy a little pampering!

Noelia – Certified Dog
& Cat Groomer
(Arcadia & Playa Vista Salon)

Noelia is a graduate of West Coast Grooming Academy. Her super power is helping shy and fearful dogs feel safe and comfortable during their groom. She is kind and patient with even the most difficult dogs and cats. She is also an up-and-coming Cat Grooming Instructor!

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Kay – Certified Dog Groomer
(Arcadia Salon)

Kay is a graduate of West Coast Grooming Academy who is passionate about helping your dog look as cute as can be. She hand-makes adorable Kimonos, bandanas, bows and pet jewelry so you can accessorize your pet and turn it into a real show-stopper!


Daniel – Certified Dog Groomer
(Arcadia Salon)

Daniel is one of the youngest graduates we have ever had from West Coast Grooming Academy, possessing natural skills and talent right from the start. He comes from a long line of dog groomers, with his mom and aunt having also graduated from West Coast Grooming Academy, so he is continuing his family’s grooming legacy here at The Pawlor!

Lily – Certified Dog Groomer
(Arcadia Salon)

Lily is a graduate of West Coast Grooming Academy who enjoys working with Nordic breeds, like Huskies and Akitas! She enjoys helping her furry customers look and feel as great as they possibly can!


Angie – Front Desk
(Arcadia Salon)

Angie is our resident Receptionist. If you have ever called our shop, you have likely spoken with Angie! She loves all animals and is happy to welcome you to our business any time!

Huber – Academy Instructor
(Arcadia Salon)

Huber is an award winning Dog Groomer, with over 40 years of experience. He teaches dog grooming classes for our students at West Coast Grooming Academy now and loves sharing his knowledge with everyone he meets!


Susan – Certified Dog & Cat Groomer
(Arcadia & Playa Vista Salon)

Susan is a graduate of West Coast Grooming Academy, with a special gift for grooming cats. She is kind and patient and helps even the biggest scaredy cats feel calm and reassured in her care.

Playa Vista Groomers

Mario M. – Instructor’s Assistant
(Playa Vista Salon)

Mario is a graduate of West Coast Grooming Academy and is a Certified Dog Groomer with a love for making dogs as cute and artistic as he can. He brings with him a wealth of customer service experience to ensure that you and your pet have a great time with us each and every time!

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