Grooming Packages

(Price Determined By Weight And Coat Type)

All grooming packages includes the Bath & Brush: your choice of shampoo (soothing oatmeal, deep cleaning, odor removing or hypo-allergenic), conditioner, blow-drying, 15-minute brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, toothbrushing and breath spray. 

Bath & Brush

Your choice of shampoo, conditioner, a blueberry facial, blow-drying, 15-minute brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, toothbrushing, anal gland expression and breath spray. Long haired dogs also receive a paw pad and sanitary trim.

Tidy Trim

Includes everything in the Bath & Brush package, plus light trim of your dog’s face, feet and tail. Great for puppies or long-haired dogs so they can see better!

Complete Groom

Includes everything in the Bath & Brush package, plus a complete head-to-toe haircut, from a light scissor trim to a whole new hair style!

Show Grooms

Give your dog that brilliant full breed cut. Ask us about hand-stripping for your terrier!

De-Shed Spa
+ $18-$24

Great for huskies, shepherds, and other double coated dogs! Includes our top-quality Isle of Dog De-Shed products and a top secret Pawlor exclusive hair removal technique to loosen and remove all of your dog’s dead hair. Results last for 4-6 weeks!

sensitive skin spa
+ $12-$16

Includes our top of the line Isle of Dog hypo-allergenic shampoo and super hydrating conditioner, specially formulated to promote healthy skin and coat growth while repairing damaged skin. Our products are hand massaged into your dog’s coat and includes an optional deep-conditioning spray.

Color Enhancing Spa
+ $12-$16

Includes our specialized Isle of Dog coat enhancing shampoos and conditioners, specifically formulated to brighten white, black or copper coats, leaving their coat sparkling, shiny and soft. 

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