Cat Grooming Lead By a Certified Feline Master Groomer

All cats need grooming, because cats do not groom themselves, they lick themselves, covering their bodies in saliva. Grooming involves removing mats & tangles, grease, litter box dust, dried urine and fecal particles, fleas, dead hair and dirt from the cats coat with a warm, soothing bath. All of our cat groomers are trained to the highest standards by Jessica, our Certified Feline Master Groomer (CFMG), who also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science- Pre-Veterinary, and is also an Advanced Feline Training & Behavior Specialist. We also use the highest quality cat products to clean your cat’s skin and coat to purrfection, leaving their fur silky soft and smelling great. 

Luxury Spa Bath
$50 - $65

Each groom comes with a warm, soothing bath, blow dry, brushing, nail trim, eye cleaning and ear cleaning. We use only the best products to transform your kitty into the absolute best version of itself. Our most popular service paws-down! 

Add Flea Bath: + $10

De-Shed Treatment
+ $10

(most popular add-on!) Is kitty shedding up a storm? Add a de-shed treatment to your kitty’s spa bath and help cut down on all. that. fur! Uses a state-of-the-art vacuum system to remove dead fur straight from the source! Results typically last 4-6 weeks for most kitties!

Bath Add-Ons

Manuka Honey Sugar Scrub
+ $10

A luxurious raw cane sugar, New Zealand Manuka Honey and olive oil body treatment to help with dandruff, hot spots and skin infections. Leaves kitty’s skin exfoliated and their coat soft and shiny.

Dead Sea Salt Scrub
+ $8

A relaxing body treatment with Dead Sea Salt from Israel and coconut oil to help detoxify the skin, relieve dandruff, itching, and achey joints.

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask
+ $10

A healing body treatment to relieve red, irritated skin and soften the coat. Great for kitties with dry skin and coarse, brittle hair.

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Lion Cut

Style your kitty into a little lion, leaving behind fluffy boots on their paws, a full mane, and either a full tail or a pom-pom tail. One of our most popular cuts for summer. Includes our Luxury Spa Bath. 

Kitten Cut

Same style as a lion cut, but leaves the fur a little longer. Like a magic trick, can turn any long haired cat into a short haired cat! Includes our Luxury Spa Bath.


Haircut Touch-ups

Sanitary Trim
+ $10

Eliminate the dingle-berries! This cut involves shaving of the anal and genital regions. A great option for larger kitties, senior kitties, or long haired kitties who have a little trouble keeping things clean “down there.” 

Booty Sculpt
+ $5

Are kitty’s pants super fluffy and out of control? Are dingle-berries and poopy butt a problem? Not to worry! We can take down some of the length on your kitty’s pantaloons and help make them more manageable.

Mane Trim
+ $5

Does your kitty suffer from a “water beard” when they drink? Does your kitty get messy when they eat? A Mane Trim on their fur on their neck and chest to help kitty keep clean during meal time.

Half & Full Belly Shaves
+ $15-$20

The half belly involves shaving from the sanitary region up to the kitty’s belly button, while the full belly goes from the sanitary region up to the kitty’s chest. Neither shave is visible when the kitty is laying on its belly, and both will help keep your kitty clean and mat-free. A great option for larger kitties, senior kitties or long haired kitties who have a little trouble keeping things clean underneath.

Toe Tuft Trim
+ $5

If your kitty slips and slides when they walk on your hardwood or tile floors, or if your kitty gets litter stuck in between their toes, a Toe Tuft Trim is for them! The fur is shaved close to their paw pad, allowing more traction and a clean exit from the litter box. A great option for long haired and arthritic senior kitties!

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Nail Treatments

Soft Paws w/ Bath
Front Only: $15 // Front & Back: $20

Soft Paws are gel caps that adhere to the surface of your kitty’s claws. If your kitty scratches you or your furniture, this is a great, humane solution! They will not inhibit your cat’s natural movements and cause no discomfort to your kitty. They even come in fun colors that you can mix and match for the holidays, including Glow in the Dark and Sparkle caps!

Nail Trim Only
+ $15

All kitties should have their nails trimmed every 2-4 weeks, and older kitties especially may not be able to wear them down as easily. Nails continue to grow unless they are worn down or trimmed, and over time they can even grow into and pierce your kitty’s paw pads! Lets prevent that from happening with regular nail trims. We will have your kitty in and out in under 10 minutes. Your kitty, your skin and furniture will thank you!

Soft Paws only (Without Spa Bath)
Front Only: $20 // Front & Back: $25

Just want to come in for a fresh manicure? Want to swap out your kitty’s existing caps for the something fresh and fun? Stop on by! We have lots of colors for you to choose from at our “Pawdicure Station,” including fun caps like Glow in the Dark and Sparkle caps!

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